1. Team : who we are

FoX Technology was born from the meeting of energy, innovation, technology and experience.

Created by Bernard Mallaret and Charles Bertrand, FoX Technology is a forward looking organisation that gathers within its team junior and experienced naval architects, engineers and managers, in order to provide effective and successful services.

Charles Bertrand:

BEng (HONS) Yacht and Powercraft Design with honours Solent University – Southampton - UK
Msc Marine Engineering Science – Computational Fluid Dynamics Southampton University – Southampton - UK

These are probably the two best renowned references in terms of yacht design and engineering.
Showing a strong interest in the design of high performance sailing yacht, Charles is has sailed many types of yachts, cruising and racing, and is passionate for the design of fast and elegant looking yachts.
Besides being a qualified naval architect, he is also experienced at tank and wind tunnel testing as well as performing CFD calculations. He is therefore in charge of the yacht design work as well as of the coordination of the engineering activities.

Bernard Mallaret:

40 years of sailing and racing on most of oceans of this planet, 3 times winner of the famous 'Tour de France à la Voile', more than 10 national or european titles in one design series, many international podiums. He also raced the famous Solo Figaro race, the Route de Rhum and Transat Jacques Vabre and sailed thousands of miles cruising on mono and multihulls.
Being also experienced in the field of boat building and surveying, Bernard holds a 28 years experience in sail making. Since 1978, he has owned the sail-loft DELTA Voiles in the south of France where he combines his sail design and managing skills.

Bernard deals with the management of FoX and of the various projects we are in charge of. His experience is also very beneficial to the design and engineering tasks.

FoX is the association of these passionate individuals with a very clear objective: Use this technology and experience to the design and engineering of racing and cruising yachts.

Their ambition is to create modern and innovative concepts, while relying on tested and experienced solutions, as well as their yachtsmen skills.